The Spectra Wifi is a scalable system that creates a mesh network, which helps to deliver a consistent signal.
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Smart Home =
Smart WiFi

A smart home entails owning a smart WiFi and a mesh WiFi by Spectra is just what you need to begin the journey.
Easy to Set Up.
Easy to Set Up
The mesh WiFi is incredibly easy to install,
set up, like plug & play.
Single Network, Less Hassles
Stay connected to that one fabulous network, no
matter where you are. Mesh WiFi lets you browse
the internet, even if the mesh nodes fail.
Sustainable Connectivity, Long Range
Each mesh node takes support from the other
nodes & ensures that you have a stable & impactful
connection, in every nook and corner of your home.
AirMesh V/s Range Extender
While ordinarily, the two might seem to be very similar in nature, there are key differences in the functionalities of both.
AirMesh mesh WiFi is a multiple task master. It comes with extensive roaming protocols, self-healing technologies and in-built adaptive routing that essentially works to keep your network stable and reduce any possible lags. The same feature in a range extender would require a user to sign in manually to stay connected, thereby increasing effort & weakening the connection. The mesh node is a one-and-done service. It functions as its own router. It is faster and delivers the WiFi signal more effectively than a range extender.
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